Nijora Onawa PRO 003 Carbon shaft

The thin 100% carbon shaft is manufactured using cross-winding technology and has an outer diameter of 5.30 mm to a maximum of 6.02 mm depending on the spine value.
The inner diameter has the standard size 0.166 inches = 4.22 mm. This means that the 4.22 mm tips and cams that are most needed and available on the market fit (of course the Nijora tips, inserts and cams are ideal components for this high class shaft).

Made from 100% cross-wraped carbon and a concentricity of 0.003, it is a shaft with the highest precision in concentricity and an optimal grain/inch weight.

- Shaft diameter: standardized inside 4.22 mm / outside 5.40 - 6.02 mm depending on the spine value.
- Concentricity: 0.003 inches

6,85 €
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